How To Join

Thank you for your interest in joining the Cooley Dickinson Physician Hospital Organization (CDPHO).  Our goal is to assist our members to operate successfully within the local managed care environment.  We do this through the active collaboration of providers to improve patient outcomes and effectively manage resources.  The result is high quality and low cost care with a high degree of patient and provider satisfaction.

The Cooley Dickinson Physician Hospital Organization has two classes of members: the Hospital Member, consisting of Cooley Dickinson Hospital; and the Physician Members, consisting of those physicians who meet the qualifications for membership on the Cooley Dickinson Hospital Medical Staff.  There are currently over 325 Physician members of the organization, as well as over 110 Advanced Practice Clinician members of the organization. One third of our Physicians practice in Primary Care, and two thirds practice in Specialty Care.

Please contact the CDPHO Enrollment & Credentialing Department at 413-582-2656 to learn more about CDPHO membership requirements and to request a CDPHO membership application, including:

  • CDPHO Fact Sheet
  • A description of “What the CDPHO Is”
  • The Articles of Organization of the CDPHO
  • The Bylaws of the CDPHO
  • List of Completed Payer Agreements and Opt in Forms
  • The CDPHO Professional Member Agreement which includes the authorization for Release of information and the HIPAA Privacy agreement
  • Website Authorization Form to obtain access to the “Member Only” content of the CDPHO website.


Very truly yours,

Norman S. Stachelek, Jr.

President/Executive Director