About Us

Designed to offer its participating physicians and Cooley Dickinson Hospital improved efficiency in managed care contracting, CDPHO is the preferred managed care contracting entity within Hampshire County for all major health plans. The CDPHO is structured to provide a forum for participating providers to collaborate in the delivery of high quality, cost-effective health care to the community in an organized fashion.


nid%3D364%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DpopupNorman Stachelek, Jr.

President / Executive Director

PHONE: (413) 582-2343



Diane Bradley

Director, Managed Care

PHONE: (413) 582-2360


nid%3D487%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DpopupErin Sotolotto, RN

Director, Clinical Operations

PHONE: (413) 582-5253


Beatriz AgostoBeatriz Agosto

Provider Relations Manager




Issie Barsalou

Population Health Coordinator

PHONE: (413) 582-2547


Laura Bauer, OT

Transitional Care Manager


nid%3D485%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DpopupSandra Chagnon

Credentials Specialist

PHONE: (413) 582-2656


Nancy Delabarre, LCSW

Social Worker, iCMP

PHONE: (413) 582-3373


nid%3D484%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DpopupTerry Derderian, RN

Manager, Quality & Population Health

PHONE: (413) 582-2341


Cassey Gingras

Population Health Coordinator

PHONE: (413) 582-2559



Dardi Hawkins

Enrollment and Credentialing Coordinator

PHONE: (413) 582-2879


Bridget Kearney, LiCSW

Social Worker, iCMP

PHONE: (413) 582-5225


Ashley Knox, RN

Nurse Care Manager, iCMP

PHONE: (413) 582-2498


nid%3D491%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DpopupRhea Mack, LiCSW

Social Worker, iCMP

PHONE: (413) 582-5254


Frances Rodrigues

Community Health Worker, iCMP

PHONE: (413) 923-3374


nid%3D374%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DpopupJanice Saunders

Executive Assistant

PHONE: (413) 582-2343


nid%3D494%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DpopupJustin Small

Health Care Data Analyst

PHONE: (413) 582-2475


nid%3D419%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DpopupSamantha Topor

PHM Project Specialist, iCMP

PHONE: (413) 582-5230


Kevin Verni, LiCSW

Social Worker, iCMP

PHONE: (413) 923-3370


nid%3D496%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DpopupSara White, RN

Nurse Care Manager, iCMP

PHONE: (413) 


nid%3D497%7Ctitle%3D%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DpopupNicole Wortis

Manager, Analytics & Reporting

PHONE: (413) 582-2372


Becky Yarrows, RN

Nurse Care Manager

PHONE: (413) 923-3376